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Frequently asked questions:

How do I use a beeswax wrap?

With beeswax wraps food storage gets fun instead of annoying. With the help of your body heat from your hands you seal your food of choice as you please. With foods such as cheese, avocado and citrus you can wrap the beeswax wrap around it and it will stick and stay. With food which requires a bowl, for example salads, pasta or yesterday's dinner you can use the beeswax wrap as a lid. You do this by attaching the wrap to the sides of the bowl. While doing this a tight seal is created and it lets the content breathe which keeps your food fresh longer. You will be suprised by all the areas of use, only your fantasy is your limit!


How do I wash the beeswax wrap?

Dry or rinse the beeswax wrap with cold water and a bit of dish soap if needed. After that let it air dry on top of a dish rack and fold the wrap and put it in storage preferably in a dry place such as a box or jar. The beeswax wraps are sensitive to heat. Try to avoid hot contact. Examples of these are direct sunlight, warm water, dishwasher or microwave.


How long can you use them for? Are they reusable?

Our beeswax wraps are usable up to one year provided they are taken care of well and are avoided direct heat. This results in a great amount of plastic avoided since the beeswax wrap can be reused over and over. When the product has stopped working it is completely compostable and works perfectly as a fire lighter. 


Will my food taste/smell different?

Our wraps do not leave any traces on your food/groceries. However you will feel a lovely beeswax smell when the package is opened, that leaves with the time.


What sizes do you have?

Big - 35 x 35 cm (Perfect for a bigger cheese, a cool oven form or plate)

Medium - 25 x 25 cm (Fits as a lid for a cool saucepan or a bigger bowl)

Small - 20 x 20 cm (Works as cover for smaller bowls or wrapping of a citrus/avocado)


Do you use plastic packaging?

No, we practice a zero tolerance towards plastic through our entire manufacturing and distribution process. We pack our beeswax wraps with minimalism in mind. When we later send our order we include an instruction which is wrapped in a letter or carton to then be shipped away, to your mailbox.


Can I eat the beeswax wrap??

We recommend you eat the food you are storing, not the wrap itself! :)


If you have any further questions, thoughts or views? Don't hesitate to contact us!


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