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About us

We who run Bivaxfabriken are two young guys who just graduated upper secondary school. We thought that plastic use was way too broad and would therefore prefer to spend our time fixing this problem. When we eventually realised how unnecessary single use plastic really is – or rather how good alternatives we could create – it was to a surprise. Later on we started making our own beeswax wraps by hand.

To us it is really important to bear responsibility for a sustainable future, therefore we put a large focus on choosing locally produced raw materials of high quality. Bees are a key species for pollination and through our Swedish beeswax you contribute to better prerequisites for local agriculture and food supply. In time with the species being more threatened because of climate change we believe it is our responsibility to choose beeswax from bee farmers who have high competence and awareness. This also contributes to a greater biodiversity which is extremely important. 

We try to follow the UN:s global goals. We are primarily focusing on sustainable consumption, reduced food waste and managing a sustainable use of the ecosystem and therefore enhancing biodiversity. We do all of this to contribute our fair share, so the planet could remain as beautiful as it is for our children and grandchildren. 

We offer products that not only replaces plastic but also creates a colorful vibe – in the fridge, lunch box or why not a romantic picnic. Our beeswax wraps are made from carefully chosen raw materials that results in an eco-friendly and high quality product. Today we try growing as much as possible to share our product with the world, as well as our vision. 

Join our journey!

Best wishes,

Albin Ljudén & Victor Olsmats

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