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199 kr

The package contains one medium size (25x25cm) and one big size (35x35cm)


With our product you are not only storing your food in a safe way - you also take a step towards a more sustainable future. Our beeswax wraps are handmade by us locally of Swedish beeswax. The products are packaged without plastics and only sustainable materials – all to minimize the ecological footprint as much as possible.

In what areas can they be used?

Our wraps are very easy to use and can be used to wrap almost everything. We usually use the wraps for lunch boxes, bowls, fruits or sandwiches. One of the upsides with our beeswax wraps is that there is no roof for creativity as long as you think outside the box!

How do you wash the beeswax wraps?

After using the beeswax wraps they are easily washed with lukewarm/cold water and a bit of ecological detergent. After that you just let them air dry and they are ready for reuse!

Caring instructions

Wipe down or rinse with cool water after every use, with a little eco detergent if you wish. Air dry on a dish rack or hang in the shade, then roll up to store in a jar or lay flat in a drawer. Keep away from all heat including direct sunlight, hot water, the dishwasher and microwave!

How long does the wrap last?

If the wraps are treated well they can be usable for a good while. But it is quite normal that they have to be “reactivated” after a while - but there are instructions on how to do this. You can find these instructions under “our beeswax wraps” or send us an email. If you do not want to reactivate your wraps, they are 100% compostable.

Don’t know what to buy as a gift?

Then our beeswax wraps fit perfectly!


Got more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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Riktigt bra, vi har bara använt dessa bivaxdukar i ett år nu - ingen mer plastfolie kommer hem till oss!


Bra lösning med bivaxdukar, skönt att slippa plasten. Rekommenderas!


Bivaxdukarna fungerar jättebra! Jag diskar dem lite lätt när jag har använt klart dem. Beställer gärna fler!

Enkla att sköta om

Diskas i kallt vatten och en gnutta diskmedel, gärna ekologiskt.

1000 användningsområden

Våra bivaxdukar går att använda till allt möjligt – till exempel som hundskål till valpen Arnold. Det är endast fantasin som begränsar dig...

Oslagbar kvalitet

I nästan tre år har vi – med hjälp av lokala och högkvalitativa råvor – fått till en riktigt bra kvalitét som vi anser vara oslagbar.


199 kr